• You can personally visit our store and book our props or select them from our website and let us know about your shoot dates and other details and book them on WhatsApp. 
  • We recommend you to block the dates in advance if you want to book specific items for a shoot. There is no guarantee that you will get that particular prop or product on your shoot day otherwise.
  • If you decide to walk in and pick products on rent on the same day, you can see the products and pick the products that are available depending on availability and prior bookings, if any.
  • In cases where there is only one product available, priority will be given to the client who has booked the prop in advance.
  • For advance bookings, 100% rental charges need to be paid to confirm the booking. Deposit can be paid at the time of product pick up.


  • Submitting copies of your documents is necessary when you take our products on rent. We need to know you well and also need to ensure that nobody is stealing your identity and attempting to impersonate you.
  • We accept a copy of any valid government recognized identity proof such as your driving license, Adhar card, PAN card, voters ID or passport.
  • Please carry the original document with you as well.
  • We do not share your details with any external agency except in cases of theft, default, fraud and other criminal activities in which this information would be used for the recovery of our assets.

  • Be aware that we collect the rent and deposit in advance.
  • We accept deposit in cash or on GPay or other standard UPI services.
  • The deposit charges change from product to product.
  • We have expensive and imported products for which, let us tell you in advance, the deposits would be high. Be rest assured that the deposit will be returned to you in the condition that the product is returned as is and in good condition.
  • To guarantee that the deposit will be returned back to you, we provide you with a form to sign which assures return of the deposit, provided the props or products are returned in good condition.


  • In cases of damage, we deduct the amount from the deposit.
  • In cases of total loss, the calculation of the replacement cost will be the amount of the price of the product. It will be deducted from the deposit we take beforehand and will already be known to you.
  • Cases of breakage or chipped edges in the ceramic or fragile glass products will be considered as a total loss as the products will directly have to be replaced.
  • Small scratches or negligible stains which can be cleaned or repaired will be examined properly. If we realize that it is not possible to clean or mend these products, they will be treated as a total loss.
  • Our backdrops are high quality and tear resistant. If you still manage to tear it, it will be considered as a total loss.


  • In cases of cancellation, one day after the booking, the complete deposit will be returned to you. 75% of the rental amount will be returned as well.
  • In cases of cancellation, two days after the booking, the complete deposit will be returned to you. 65% of the rental amount will be returned as well.
  • In case you pick up the products 1 day prior to your shoot and your shoot gets cancelled, we will only return 50% of the rental amount if you return the products by 11 am on the next day. In case of any further delay, no refund will be given. 
  • Modifications to rental periods or items may be treated as cancellations if the revised order value is lower than the value of the original order.


  • Extension one day after the actual date of return of products or props will be allowed only after prior intimation and only after we confirm that there is no other booking wherein same products are required. 
  • Such extensions will not be on hourly basis. You will be charged for the entire day. The rent of the extension days will be deducted from the deposit.
  • It is the customer’s responsibility to inform us immediately of any potential delays in the return. Failure to do so will result in the extension being treated as an unauthorized extension.
  • Any unauthorized extension will be treated as a new rental and charged at 1.5 times the normal rental rate. Additionally such an extension may also incur lost rental charges for any rentals that could not be delivered due to the extension.

Pickup and Drop

  • You are expected to inspect the products and props and let us know of any problems with them before you pick them up.
  • You should not return or drop the products with any third party app or service.
  • We do not allow on-behalf pickups or drops. In very rare cases we may allow this subject to a written request from you to delegate the pickup. However, all responsibility for the rental or damage will be yours.
  • In rare cases if we allow you to pick up or drop the products through third party apps or services and in case the product is broken in transit, the client(you) will be responsible to cover the damages and hence we will deduct the cost from the deposit. 
  • The deposit will be returned only after we receive and check the products. This is valid for all the cases.