Booking Props at Pune Prop Store

How much in advance can I book props for a shoot?

You can book props maximum three days in advance.

Why do I need to submit my documents to rent props from Pune Prop Store?

Submitting copies of your documents is necessary when you take our products on rent. We need to know you well and also need to ensure that nobody is stealing your identity and attempting to impersonate you. We hence recommend you to carry a copy of your identity such as Adhar Card or your driving license with you.

What documents do I need to submit at the time of booking?

We accept a copy of any valid government recognized identity proof such as your driving license, Adhar card, PAN card, voters ID or passport. Please carry the original document with you as well.

Will my documents and personal information be shared with anyone else for any reason whatsoever?

We do not share your details with any external agency except in cases of theft, fraud and other criminal activities in which case this information would be used.


How is rental duration calculated?

If you need the props for one day, for example on a Saturday, we make the products available for you to pick up a day before that is, on Friday between 4 pm to 6 pm. You can use the props on Saturday. You will have to return the products before 12 noon of Sunday. We will be charging you only for one day, i.e. for Saturday. The buffer time on Friday and Sunday is provided to accommodate exceptions on your as well as our end. You should NOT plan to use the products during this buffer duration. If your props are not available at the start of the buffer time that is on Friday at 4 pm, we will inform you of this so that you can plan to pick it up later. Hence, we do not recommend planning shoots in the buffer time. 

Even if you pick up the products on Saturday morning and return on Saturday evening, you will still be charged the same, that is for the charges of one day rental period. 

We also recommend to contact us before visiting the store as we are taking the necessary precautions considering the COVID situation.

Considering the above example of renting props for a Saturday, a typical 1 day rental scenario would be as follows-

Pick up Buffer = Friday ( Between 4pm to 6pm ) 

Rental Day 1 = Saturday

Return Buffer = Sunday ( upto 12 noon)

Charges of 1 day will be applicable in this case. Deposit and rent will be taken at the time of booking.

Considering that you require the props on Saturday and Sunday, a 2 day rental scenario would be as follows- 

Pick up Buffer = Friday ( Between 4pm to 6pm ) 

Rental Day 1 = Saturday

Rental Day 2 = Sunday

Return Buffer = Monday (upto 12 noon)

Charges of 2 days will be applicable in this case. Deposit and rent for both days will be taken at the time of booking.

The charges will be calculated as above depending on the number of rental days.

If you require the products for more than 2 days, we would be offering reduced charges depending on case to case basis. You will be informed about the same at the time of booking.

Although my pickup time for a regular rental should have been on Friday after 4pm, I was informed to pick it up after 7pm or on the next morning. 

You may be requested to pick your products later than the normal pickup time if the earlier return is delayed beyond the buffer or if the product has been returned damaged by a previous client. These factors are beyond our control and hence we request you to not plan to use the products during the buffer time.

If I am renting products for alternate days, can I keep it with me for the entire duration including the intermediate day that I am not renting it for?

If you intend to rent products for alternate days, each rental is treated as a separate order and must be picked up and returned as per the individual scheduled times. If you want to keep the products for the intermediate day, you will be charged for that day as well.

Are the rental charges negotiable?

We offer a reduced rate as the rental duration increases. Apart from that, the charges are not negotiable. 

The deposit is very high, I don’t have cash equivalent to the deposit on me!

We accept not just cash but also GPay or other standard UPI platforms. Even though the deposit is high, we return all of it unless you lose products or damage them.

Cancellation or Modification of Orders

Why am I expected to pay for a cancellation?

When we reserve products for you, they are held against all competing inquiries. Once you confirm your booking, we turn down inquiries from all other customers for those particular products. In this scenario, when you cancel your booking at short notice (within two days), it is very likely to leave the products idle and hence is treated as a cancellation.

What is your cancellation policy?

  • In cases of cancellation one day after the booking, the complete deposit will be returned to you. 75% of the rental amount will be returned as well.
  • In cases of cancellation two days after the booking, the complete deposit will be returned to you. 65% of the rental amount will be returned as well.
  • Modifications to rental periods or props may be treated as cancellations if the revised order value is lower than the value of the original order. Cancellation charges would be as mentioned above.

I have picked up the equipment but my shoot has been cancelled/postponed due to factors beyond my control. Will this be treated as a cancellation?

Yes, this will be treated as a cancellation and charged as per our cancellation policy.

Can I modify my rental order after I have booked it?

Modification of your rental order is possible only under certain circumstances such as availability of props at the given time. If you switch the props with props of the same price, depending on the availability, we could consider it. The modification can be of the same or more price. Modifications to rental periods or items may be treated as cancellations if the revised order value is lower than the value of the original order. Cancellation charges would be as mentioned above.

What if I do not show up or do not pick the order?

In the case of no-shows or cancellations on the day of pickup, the full rent will be charged even if the items are not picked up by the client.


What is the process for handling damage once it is identified?

In cases of total loss, the calculation of the replacement cost will be the price of the product. It will be deducted from the deposit we take beforehand and will already be known to you.

Which cases will be treated as a total loss to deduct deposit?

Cases of breakage or chipped edges in the ceramic or fragile glass products will be considered as a total loss as the products will directly have to be replaced.

Small scratches or negligible stains which can be cleaned or repaired will be examined properly. If we realize that it is not possible to clean or mend these products, they will be treated as a total loss.

Our backdrops are high quality and tear resistant. If you still manage to tear it, it will be considered as a total loss.

I did not inspect the product when I picked it up as I was running late for my shoot. Is this a valid argument in my favour if the product is damaged at the time of return?

No. You are expected to inspect the product and let us know of any problems with it before you pick it up.


How much deposit do you charge or how do you calculate the deposit?

The deposit charges change from product to product. We have expensive and imported products for which the deposits would be high. Be rest assured that the deposit will be returned to you on the condition that the product is returned as is and in good condition.

Do you collect the rent and deposit in advance ?

Yes, we collect the rent and deposit in advance.

What if the props get lost or stolen?

If the products are lost or stolen, it will be considered as a total loss and hence the props will be considered sold. No deposit will be returned in this case.

Pick-up and Drop

Can I pick up my products earlier than my scheduled time?

No. We don’t appreciate picking up products before the scheduled time.

I am unable to come for the pick-up personally, can I send my relative or friend for the same? OR My friend will be using the products that I am renting, can he pick it up himself?

We do not allow on-behalf pickups. In very rare cases we may allow this subject to a written request from you to delegate the pickup. However, all responsibility for the rental will be yours.

Can I use third party services or apps like for pick up or drop?


Can I carry your props out of Pune ?

As long as you are from Pune and would return the props in the said time, you may carry it with you. In case of any problems or in current situations like COVID, if you are unable to return the products, the deposit will not be returned to you and the items will be considered sold.

I will only use the products and props for a day although I will be in transit for the remaining 2 days. How will my rental charges be calculated?

Regardless of how many days you actually use the props and products, your rental will be charged as per your pickup and return dates. Please do not request for an early pickup or late return beyond your pickup and return buffers.

I have just finished my shoot and am in the vicinity. Will I get a discount if I return the props earlier than my scheduled return time?

No discount will be given if the props or products are returned before the actual return date and time.