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We are a team of photography and art enthusiasts from Pune. Whenever we had our shoots planned, we used to run frantically to various malls, lanes in the city area or surf online for hours to find a perfect prop of our choice. Running to the other side of the town was always a tiring activity and most of the times even a disappointing one, if we ended up not finding anything at all.

Searching about numerous prop ideas made us realize that various big cities outside India had a prop store around which helped photographers curate the props of their choice for their shoots. We realized that if we needed these things, many others would be needing it as well. Our idea was to start a store and studio to sell and rent out photography props as our city did not have a store for this specific need. And that was how Pune Prop Store was born.

Our goal is to provide you with a range of photography products, props and backdrops right at your doorstep and make your life sorted when it comes to collecting props!

Matte Black Plate for food photography- Pune Prop Store

Pune Prop Store

Pune Prop Store is a photography prop store based out of Pune as the name suggests. We are the first rental photography prop store in Pune. 

We offer a wide variety of hand painted and customized MDF and Canvas backdrops as well as light weight printed backdrops to suit your photography and aesthetic needs.

Talking about props, we sell metal as well as wooden photography props. We understand that it is sometimes not possible to buy these props and hence offer them on rent as well.

To add to that, we also have ceramics and cutlery in our stock. Even if you are not a photographer, you would love to have your hands on them!

Lastly, we also have some unique styling napkins to complete your pictures!

Although we have a lot of food photography options currently, we are stocking up props related to various other photography genres like baby photography, maternity photography, travel photography and wedding photography soon!

If you would like to buy some budget friendly and good quality props, visit us here.



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Website – https://punepropstore.com/

Phone – +91 97664 39121

Email – punepropstore@gmail.com

Instagram – http://instagram.com/punepropstore

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