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10 Useful Baby Photography Prop Ideas

Wanting to shoot absolutely stunning pictures of your baby? Looking for interesting new born baby photography props for your clients? We at Pune Prop Store have some prop ideas to make the photo shoot of your baby or clients interesting, with the comfort of the little one in mind.

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Check out 10 Baby Photography Prop Ideas below


Baskets-Baby Photography Props-Pune Prop Store

Add a comfortable blanket in the basket and start clicking away. You can find baskets in various shapes and sizes. Avoid baskets with handles to make it comfortable for the baby. Also make sure that the basket is big enough for the baby.

Soft Toys

Soft Toys-Baby Photography Props-Pune Prop Store

Soft toys can also be used as props. These toys are also pretty safe to handle by the babies. Make sure to take colors into consideration if you have a specific theme.

Chalk Boards

Chalk Boards-Baby Photography Props-Pune Prop Store

These boards can be used to add cute quotes or the age of the baby for example “X days, weeks or months old” in the frame.


Flowers-Baby Photography Props Ideas-Pune Prop Store

Colorful bouquets and flowers can also be added to the frame. Make sure you avoid flowers or plants which have thorns, like roses for the safety of the baby.

Head Bands, Bows and Tutus

Head Bands-Baby Photography Prop Ideas-Pune Prop Store

Headbands, bows or tutus also are another choice. Look up for tutus as they generally are sold with a matching headband to make the costume coordinated.


Nest-Baby Photography Props-Pune Prop Store

Similar to baskets, nests can also make your pictures interesting. Make sure to add comfortable layers of blankets to make it comfortable for the baby.


Crate -Baby Photography Props-Pune Prop Store

Be absolutely careful with crates, you don’t want the baby to be uncomfortable.


Blankets-Baby Photography Props-Pune Prop Store

Blankets look colorful as well as keep the baby warm and cozy. A simple blanket can create stunning frames. Less is more!


Wraps-Baby Photography Props-Pune Prop Store

You can use the wraps in certain ways depending on the length of the fabric.


Flags-Baby Photography Props-Pune Prop Store

If you have a celebration theme going on, make use of flags in the frame to add a pop of color to a subtle background.

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