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10 Props for your Travel Flatlays with Bonus Ideas

In this post, we will tell you 10 props to use in your travel flatlays aka flat lay as well as two travel flatlay ideas for you.

Travel Flatlay Ideas

After the Trip Flatlay

So, if you have just returned from your trip and want to display all the things you did on your trip, you can shoot a flatlay for the same. Some examples of the things you might want to include in your flatlay after your trip would be tickets of your bus, train, museums, theme parks or any other tickets which you loved and wanted to keep with you.

You can also add your boarding pass or any hotel bills if they have a nice design. If you are into writing diaries, illustrating, journaling or painting, basically into any kind of art, you can include the art you did in the trip too. Other ideas would be adding the notes or coins from the land you visited or any brochures from the places there.

Before the Trip Flatlay

If you are leaving for your trip, you might want to click a flatlay with the map of the place you are visiting. You can also add the bucket list page of your travel diary or the camera you plan to take on your trip. Another option would be adding travel essentials, shades or some piece of fashion.

We have also seen people include their suitcases or the clothes and accessories they would be carrying in such pictures.

If you are a travel blogger wanting to create some generic featured images for your blog posts, you might want to include some of the props mentioned below for your pictures.

10 Props to Use in your Travel Flatlays


Maps-Travel Flatlay Ideas-Pune Prop Store

Maps can be used as a background or backdrop itself. You can also make use of maps in your flatlays instead of using them as backgrounds.


Binoculars-Travel Flatlay Ideas-Pune Prop Store

If you want to add a vintage touch to your flatlay or are doing a flatlay for a trip related to wildlife or stargazing, use this one!

Magnifying Glass

Magnifying Glass-Travel Flatlay Ideas-Pune Prop Store

Another popular object which we have seen in multiple places in flatlays is a magnifying glass.


Souvenirs-Travel Flatlay Ideas-Pune Prop Store

Souvenirs will add a personal touch to your pictures. Be it fridge magnets, postcards or gems you got back home, feel free to add them all.


Compass-Travel Flatlay Ideas-Pune Prop Store

Another one from the vintage bandwagon is the good old compass. Yes, we now use the maps online so you might even want to add in your phone with Google Maps on for a modern flatlay.

Passport Cover

Passport Cover-Travel Flatlay Ideas-Pune Prop Store

In the age when we all get so many things customized, passport holders are the in thing. Add in your passport directly or with a passport cover to personalize your travel flatlay.


Watch-Travel Flatlay Ideas-Pune Prop Store

Weather you are going in for the vintage vibe or a modern one, a watch can be your friend. Add the most rustic one or the colorful one depending on the vibe from your collection.

Polaroid or Cameras

Polaroid-Travel Flatlay Ideas-Pune Prop Store

Yes, this is one popular trend back from ages ago. Many of us now like to have a polaroid camera on us when we travel. So why shy away from using the prints or the cameras itself in your pictures?


Diary-Travel Flatlay Ideas-Pune Prop Store

Another one to add a pop of color to your pictures instantly is a dairy. Make sure you collect many of them and thank us later!


Envelopes-Stamps-Travel Flatlay Ideas-Pune Prop Store

Another interesting way to make your travel flatlays stand out is by adding some stamps from the place you visited.

If you are into clicking flatlays regularly and since this post is related to travelling, we have a bonus tip for you. Apart from the Souvenir stores you will visit, also check out the stationery article stores or thrift stores from the place. You might find cheap and unique items to add to your pictures.

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