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10 Cheap Food Photography Backdrop Ideas

Most photographers are always on a lookout for food photography backdrop ideas. A food photography backdrop can make or break your photos. A good looking wooden backdrop can be very expensive. Doing the backdrop yourself is pretty tiring. It would also require you to buy a lot of tools to make them, which in turn can turn out to be even more expensive. Keep reading if you want some ideas which won’t burn a hole in your pockets.

Here are 10 Food Photography Backdrop Ideas.

Chart paper as a Food Photography Backdrop.

Chart paper as a food photography backdrop.

Chart paper is the most inexpensive background idea from this list. Chart papers are available in most of the craft stores or stationery shops easily. They also come in so many colors that you can select the perfect one easily. The disadvantages of using chart papers are that they get oil stains or water stains easily, can be used only once and have to be handled properly to avoid roll marks, Overall, a good one time use option.

Wood Textured Paper as a Food Photography Backdrop.

Wood textured paper as a food photography backdrop.

In some of the bigger stationery stores, you can also find these wood textured papers. They come in various choices for the textures of wood. Various colors are available too. The best part is that they are almost as inexpensive as the chart papers. These can be reused if you are shooting something dry on it. If you mess it though, it is more of a one time use option. We found this paper for as low as ₹ 7!

Foam Board as Food Photography Backdrop

Foam Board as a food photography backdrop.

Foam boards are sturdier options compared to the previous two ideas. They come in vibrant colors and shades. The texture is matte and looks good in the pictures too. Foam boards come in various sizes. We got the smaller foam board in a craft store for ₹ 50. They are not completely waterproof but can withstand minor spills.

Card Board as a Food Photography Backdrop.

Card board as a food photography backdrop.

Compared to the paper options mentioned above, card boards are available only in basic colors. Because they are thicker, you can paint them as you like in any solid color and use it as a backdrop. Card boards are again inexpensive and easily available in stores. To paint them, you can actually use waterproof wall paint.

Brown Paper as a Food Photography Backdrop

Brown Paper as a food photography backdrop.

Another inexpensive item which you can find under ₹ 20 in stores is a brown paper. You can simply use it directly or crumple it and use it like in this picture. It adds a nice texture when you crumple and use it. If crumpled, you have the option to use it multiple times. This paper looks good in a frame where you plan to click bakery items.

Map as a Food Photography Backdrop

Map as a food photography backdrop.

Another easily available option which can be used is a map like this one. In case you want to click a region specific food item or a meal, you can go for this option. It is a little expensive compared to the previous options but still cheaper than the ready backdrops or the wooden backdrops.

Hand Painted Canvas Paper as a Food Photography Backdrop

Painted canvas paper as  a food photography backdrop.

Hand painted canvas is another option in which you can play around with colors and textures. The canvas can be painted with a waterproof wall paint or any other paint of your choice. Textures can be added with the help of a sponge or tissues.

Cloth as a Food Photography Backdrop

Cloth as a food photography backdrop.

Now, this option can be actually the most inexpensive or a free one if you manage to find and use existing fabrics at home. You can also buy materials by sizes from fabric stores. When washed, it can be used again obviously. Matte fabrics look good in the pictures too.

Tiles as Food Photography Backdrops

Matte tile as food photography backdrop.

You can buy tiles from tile or flooring stores if you find the one with the perfect texture. Keep in mind that the tile should be matte in order to avoid glare in the pictures. If you manage to find sample pieces, this is another cheap option. It is waterproof and the most durable one from the above options. Try not to stain it to keep reusing it. The only disadvantage here is that it can be heavy to carry around.

Marble Vinyl or Contact Paper as a Food Photography Surface

Marble contact paper as a food photography backdrop.

The benefit of using a contact paper instead of the real marble is mostly the weight. You can stick the contact paper on any light and smooth surface and keep reusing it. This one should again be matte. You can carry it around easily and do a lot with this background. You can get a reference of the contact papers from this link.

There are many more options to use but we decided to stick to just 10 ideas for this article. Keep coming back for more ideas and inspiration.